Get a chance to

Wyeth Nutrition Nurture.Inspire.Give. Promo Mechanics

  1. Promo runs from July 15 - September 15, 2013 in all Wyeth participating retail outlets nationwide.
  2. To join the promo, participants must purchase specially marked Wyeth products.

Instant Prize

All Wyeth participating products come with a limited edition notebook specially designed by child artists.

Monthly Raffle

  1. Each notebook comes with a scratch card. Scratch off silver portion to reveal the unique promo code..
  2. Use this promo code to register and earn a raffle entry that gives you a chance to win P20,000 worth of gift certificates for school supplies and a gift pack of school items worth P5,000. Simply text the following to 2366.
  3. WYETHREG (space) PROMO CODE (space) Full Name (space) Street Address (space) Province (space) Email Ex.WYETHREG BGY193 Juan dela Cruz 43 Brixton St. Kapitolyo Pasig City Metro Manila
  4. For valid entries, a confirmation message will be sent within 24 hours along with the corresponding number of raffle entries. The number of raffle entries will vary per Wyeth product.
  5. Valid registration via SMS is a one-time process per SIM card.
  6. Participants may have a maximum of 20 accumulated promo code entries for the whole promo duration. Succeeding entries after registration is P2.50/SMS for GLOBE & SMART. P2/SMS for SUN.
  7. Text WYETH TALLY to 2366 to know your total number of valid entries.

  8. Wyeth Products No. of Raffle Entries
    AQUIVA 900 G 1
    ENERCAL PLUS 900 G 2
    PROMAMA 900 G 2

  9. Wyeth supports Synergeia Foundation by giving the same limited edition notebook for their educational programs for each valid entry. Synergeia Foundation is a coalition of individuals, institutions, and organizations working to improve the quality of basic education.

The monthly raffle prize will be Php20,000 worth of gift certificates for school supplies and a gift pack of school items worth P5,000

Dates Covered Deadline for Entries Monthly Draw Announcement of Monthly Winners
July 15 - Aug. 15 Aug. 15, 2013 Aug. 16, 2013 Aug. 30, 2013
Aug. 16 - Sept. 15 Sept. 15, 2013 Sept. 16, 2013 Sept. 30, 2013

Announcement of Winners

Region No. of Winners
August September
GMA 10 10
North Luzon 10 10
South Luzon 10 10
Visayas 10 10
Mindanao 10 10
Total Winners 100

Redemption of Monthly Raffle Prize:

  1. The monthly raffle winners will be determined via electronic raffle draw.
  2. Winners will be notified and instructed via registered mail, email and a phone call.
  3. Upon claiming of prizes, winners must present the following:
    • Two (2) valid IDs with picture or birth certificate of the winner
    • Confirmation letter from Wyeth via registered mail
    • Winning promo sticker
    • Only the following valid IDs shall be considered:
    • All government issued IDs
    • Office/school ID
    • Passport
    • Driver's license
    • In case of proxy/representative:
    • Winner must provide an authorization letter and one (1) valid ID
    • Valid ID of the proxy
  4. If winner is a minor, he/she must be accompanied by his parent/s or legal guardian.
  5. Prizes can be claimed at Wyeth office, 2236 Chino Roces Avenue Makati City, Philippines or at the nearest regional distributor from Monday to Friday during office hours, 8am-5pm. Qualified winners must claim their prizes within sixty (60) days from receipt of notification. Failure to claim within the allotted time/duration forfeits the winner's right over the prize with prior FDA approval. New winner/s will be awarded to replace the disqualified winner/s. For provincial winners, prizes will be sent via courier.
  6. Participants may only win once in the monthly raffle.
  7. Monthly raffle prizes are non-convertible to cash.
  8. Claiming of prizes is until November 15, 2013.
  9. For any other inquiries, you may contact Wyeth Careline at 81-99384 and 1-800-10-884-2222 (Provincial Toll-Free) or visit

Terms and Conditions:

Control Measures:

  1. FDA representative shall be invited to check, test, validate and verify the computer system for receiving entries and registration assigning random computer generated raffle entries and drawing of winners. A copy of the said system shall be sealed in an envelope and signed by the FDA representative for safekeeping of the content provider for verification of FDA at any time.
  2. A printed copy of the properties of the program shall be given to the FDA Representative after verification. The FDA representative shall check the database of the promo.
  3. Another FDA representative will be invited to be present during the actual drawing of the raffle winners. A Wyeth and Shift Interactive representative will also be present during the draw.
  4. Content provider will generate a list of qualified participants before the draw based on monthly periods mentioned above.
  5. As an additional security feature raffle numbers will be randomly assigned to all valid entries in the presence of the FDA representative before drawing winners.
  6. A copy shall be sealed in an envelope and signed by a FDA representative for safekeeping of content provider and for verification of FDA at any time until all prizes are claimed.
  7. The first and last number of the valid entries based on the period covered shall be shown on screen before drawing of winners.
  8. Winners shall be drawn one at a time using the randomly assigned raffle number via an electronic "tambiolo". The Shift Interactive representative will press the button to start and it will stop as per the request of the FDA representative.
  9. Fifty (50) winning entries shall be drawn per month. Forty (40) reserved entries (4 per area) shall be drawn as buffers in the event that a winner is disqualified by the Board of Judges with approval from FDA. The first reserved entry drawn shall be declared as the winning entry to replace the disqualified one. Process continues until a qualified winner is found.
  10. After the winner is determined, it will be verified from the generated list by a content provider representative and the FDA representative. A soft copy of the generated list of qualified participants and assigned raffle entry shall also be given to the FDA representative.
  11. The list of winners will be given to the FDA representative after determination.
  12. Shift Interactive will inform FDA of the final winner after verifying from the telecommunication companies and any disqualified winner(s) and reason(s) for disqualification.
  13. A printed copy of the properties of the program shall be submitted to the FDA representative after each witnessed draw.
  14. Database/list of participants shall include mobile number, name, email, address and a column shall be added to include the raffle numbers assigned randomly.
  15. In compliance with Privacy Act of 2012, consumer's personal data, including the contact numbers and emails, will be destroyed after promo duration and will not be used for any promotional purposes.